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What is a WP Locker?

What is a WP Locker? Here are 9 cool ways how to use it?

What is a Wp locker? here 9 cool ways how to use it. Wp locker is the ultimate way to organize your photos, videos, documents, music, and more. Wp locker is intuitive, meaning you can start storing everything in just a few minutes. No matter what type of device your data is stored on, you can access it all from one place. 

Wp locker also makes sharing easy. You can share photos with friends or family members by sending them a link to your album or by giving them simple read-only access. Wp locker lets you control who sees your files so that your privacy is always protected. So how do you use it? Here are 9 cool ways!

What is a Wp locker?

What is a wp locker? Wp locker is a handy tool that can be used to create a password locker for your accounts, computers, and devices.

The words you see above were our own descriptions, and they’ve been typed by Zemanta to stand out. Because they’ve been pulled from real life, they’re so important and good-looking! Don’t you think? It’s easier than you think. 

Just click the “Download” button at the bottom of this page and you’ll instantly begin using it. And you will be surprised how important it’s strength is in its simplicity.

If you just want to back up your precious photos, photos of you and your kids, your house, or your car, you can set up your app to keep your stuff in one place. If you want to share your photos with family, you can make that easy and simple with one click.

How to use Wp locker?

How to use Wp locker? Launch Wp locker and the first time you open it, Wp locker will ask you to create an encrypted folder. Give it a name and also hit produce. 

Wp locker uses a peer-to-peer network so you have complete control over who you share your files with. You can share your pictures with your family, friends, or whomever you want to share them with. 

Once your files are in the encrypted folder, you can share them with anyone by simply clicking the link or giving them read-only access to your files. 

You can also create a separate folder for any other file types, like documents, presentations, or videos.

We recommend adding the + sign to any folder in the example above. This will create a new folder to the top of your photos folder, like a hidden folder.

Why use Wp locker?

Why use it? Share with friends and family without going through emails. 

Don’t forget about sharing! They can’t see the photos and videos if they don’t have the album link. 

Take a look at my last 7 posts to see what awesome things Wp locker does.

Create your own URL to access photos and files. All your content is stored in a protected folder, making sure only you can access it. 

Share photos, videos, documents, and more with anyone in your contacts.

Share files with friends or family with no restrictions. They can view, download, and share files without worrying about permissions.

Integrate with your Dropbox account to instantly transfer photos or files to other people.

Set up Wp locker on multiple devices with no restrictions.

How does Wp locker work?

How does wp locker work? When you download it for your iOS or Android device, Wp locker automatically uploads all your data to the cloud and protects your photos and files from theft and loss. 

Uploading your photos and videos 

For the most part, photos, videos, and other content are automatically uploaded to the Wp locker cloud. To access them, simply tap on an album or a photo to display a link that you can then share with someone else. 

Sharing your photos and videos

The actual sharing and previewing experience are very similar to using a service like Facebook. However, Wp locker also makes it easy to access and share your photos from your phone or other devices. Just click on a photo or video and the link to download will pop up for you to share.

How to upload photos and videos?

Here are some essay ways how to upload photos and videos.

Step 1: Download Wp Locker for Windows 10 or Windows 8.1.

Step 2: Create a Wp locker account (you can create an account through our website) and copy your Windows Password

Step 3: Access your photos and videos directly from your Pictures library 

Step 4: You can choose to upload files directly from your Pictures library or right-click on any picture or video in your Pictures library and select upload to wp locker

Step 5: Choose whether you want your photos or videos to be uploaded to a specific album 

How to share your photos and videos with your friends and family

Step 1: Open an email and send your friends a link to your album.

Organizing photos and videos

How to organize your photos and videos. Before Wp locker, organizing photos on your phone was a nightmare. You had to store them in a folder for each family member or picture of that great restaurant you had stopped at, then you had to upload the photos to your desktop or laptop. 

Oh, and you had to put a watermark on each photo too, just in case you forgot that person’s name. So long, visual scrapbook. No more! Now all you need to do is open Wp locker, choose the ‘Camera Roll’ folder, and all of your photos and videos will be easily accessible.

Uploading files to cloud services

If you want to send your photos and videos to friends or family members, Wp locker is the best way to make it super easy.

Giving read-only access

Just like the title says, Wp locker gives you read-only access to all of your files. It does this by replacing the entire file with a literal file folder. All of your personal data goes inside of the folder. On your computer, the folder looks something like this: 

If you want to have read-only access to your data but you still want to download photos from iCloud, you can choose to keep the entire file:


So, you can choose to keep a full iCloud file or you can simply keep a folder with your photos inside. You can also choose to keep a folder with your entire iCloud library: 

Wp locker.

Accessing all your data from any device

When you install Wp locker, you don’t have to store your photos, videos, documents, or music on one device anymore. You can access your files from any computer, smartphone, or tablet that has the Wp locker app installed.

Share photos from your computer

You can share photos with friends and family without using an external program like Photoshop. Just upload a photo and Wp locker will send them a link to view your album, or give them access to your entire album in just a few minutes. 

Give them read-only access so that they can view your photos, but can’t edit them

If you’d rather give your friends and family access to your photos but you don’t want them to be able to edit them, Wp locker has got you covered! Simply select whether you want them to view the photos and save them as a.

Sharing photos and memories with loved ones

Being a parent is a joy. It’s also hard work. In today’s world, there is so much choice and everyone has their own opinion about how you should raise your child. Do you let them watch the same movies or TV shows as their friends? Play the same games? Have a sleepover?

You might have different opinions yourself. And the same applies to your family and friends. Are you going to share photos and videos of your baby with your family and friends, or are you going to make them wait until she’s older to see the pictures?

For any parent, it’s tough to explain that things can’t be done in the same way for everyone. Some parents want their baby to grow up in a completely different environment from the one they grew up in, and they want to create that environment themselves.


While creating a beautiful holiday card, I realized that I have way more photos to share than I have people to send them to. Since it is “just another day”, I thought I would try and get it all in one place, but was so busy I forgot the most important part:


Since it was “just another day”, I thought I would try and get it all in one place, but was so busy I forgot the most important part: filing.

My aim is to share as many photos as I can without having to sift through a bunch of folders to find my favorites. There are 2 simple ways I do it:

The Original “Insert Pictures” Form

As mentioned in my previous post, my form has many formatting options. I can pretty much fit anything inside it.

This is what the folder looks like for a photo I made in “Portrait” size. Best Page builders for WordPress visit

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