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WordPress-5.9-beta-4 fixes 20 bugs

WordPress 5.9 beta 4 fixes 20 bugs, polishes workflow for switching to a block theme

WordPress 5.9 Beta 4 was released this week with fixes for 20 bugs since beta 3. There’re a lot of a few necessary changes to notice in this rollout regarding how the WordPress admin will train users who are exploring block themes.

Prior to a fix in beta 4, it was possible for users to alternate to a block theme within the Customizer. This has been changed in such a way that users will see a banner informing them that the block theme is incompatible if they try to alternate within the Customizer. Here’s the commit message:

Begining in 5.9, block themes are not compatible with (do not support) Customizer; rather, they use the Web page Editor. Watching installed themes in Customizer, this commit includes an overlay message to alert users and provide them absent to activate the block theme. Clicking on the “Activate” button activates the block theme and redirects the rear to the Appearance > Themes interface, where the user can then enter the Web page Writer for customization.

Non-block themes are not covered by this vary and keep going to exertion in Customizer.

Having themes toil only in the web page writer or the Customizer, depending on which they support, is doubtless to be a confounding workflow for users when testing themes. This dissimilarity message and redirection is important but not ideal for the elongated term. Streamlining the customization workflow will count on how quickly the WordPress community is skilled to generate and adopt block themes.

Several testers additionally reported that the Web page Writer doesn’t permit users to edit or preview non-active block themes. The preview only works with active themes. This isn’t necessarily a bug but rather an option that requires to be discussed in the future. An impress is launched in the Gutenberg repository, recommending the implementation of a Live Preview for non-active block themes.

Featured patterns from the Sample directory should be shown under Patterns in the block inserter, but for several reasons, this wasn’t added in 5.9. It has lived backported in beta 4.

This beta additionally includes a filter that lets developers disable the login shroud language switcher, which is a new option coming in 5.9.

The roll-out squad has positive that a 5th beta will not be necessary, as of yesterday’s core dev chat. The revised 5.9 rollout schedule has RC1 shipping on Jan 4, 2022, and the official rollout on Jan 25.

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